Stellium in taurus astrology

Often, people with a bunch of planets in a single sign will end up really feeling the characteristics of that sign in their psyche.

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This means I have a lot of potential arrogance working against me that I have to be aware of in order to have good relationships. All of this is true and if I tried to deny it, I would be very out of touch with my core nature.

Having A Stellium In Your Natal Chart

However, if I use my heightened Leo energy for good, it can be a gift. Similarly, my brother has a stellium with his Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Leo. His core personality, his communication, and his passion will all be fiery as a result. He has a loud voice, easily lands leadership positions, and communicates confidently. His passion comes across clearly without inhibitions from that Mars influence as well.

Both he and I tend to work all the time, which is a typical imbalance seen when a stellium occurs. However, it also allows us to accomplish a lot and get farther because we are so focused.

Stellium In Scorpio And Sagittarius

Another friend of mine who has his Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Scorpio is the perfect example of how someone with a stellium operates. He puts all of his life energy into his art. His mind is extremely deep and he is prone to having only intense conversations with people.

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You may have a lot of learning experiences related to that area of your life. Stelliums can leave other houses empty. Stelliums are a great way to understand people who are really good at certain things and really bad at everything else.


What is difficult to digest is that the revolutions could cause extreme imbalances within the energetic polarities that make up our world. The loud divide between the extremes that dwell within dualism seem to congeal and the predictions for the revolutions are in accordance with such extremes.

Of course, we will also start to witness very poor regions in our world suddenly become rich as well as changes in policies and structures that can benefit the global set up. This will all however, start to manifest closer to the end of the 7th planet from the Suns bull-ride. The tangible and the unexpected alterations, over the course of the next 7 years, will target our emotional and practical states of security. What makes us feel safe? Just how comfortable are our comfort zones? Finances are also a major focus under this planetary combination.

The intensified period of this Uranus in Taurus time comes with strong support that should have a lot to present to us until Uranus will return to Aries for a short while later this year, before making a firm return into Taurus around March There will be much to aim for and fight for as the year unwinds and rewinds until it starts anew. Do listen to the Audio below! I do recommend that you look at where Taurus and Scorpio sit in your own Star Map because this should pin point some of how Uranus in Taurus will connect with you personally.

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  7. If you would like to receive an in-depth reading on this transit, you can contact me directly to request this here. I should have openings for a Uranus in Taurus Personalised Astrological Reading come mid July and will continue to work with the transit throughout the 7-year period. It is normally advisable to see into the transit closer to when it commences and also when it directly aspects your own Star Map. Uranus rules Astrology and all it can offer, it also rules rebels and the act of evolution. It cuts through any delusion and is the universal spark that ignites an energy that knows no bounds.

    We will learn to integrate technology in ways that suit the mundane and not steer us away from it.

    The Meaning of 12th House in Astrology

    Perhaps the farming industries will agree to work with healthier means of sustainability and will finally get the environmentally beneficial support that they desire. We are definitely in for financial losses and gains; such ups and downs will not be easy under this influence.

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    I did write about this aspect a few months ago and here is a useful snippet:. The trick is to not resist and to collectively understand what is changing before the change actually happens. Uranus is unpredictable and a very loud messenger. The energy of such cosmic influences cannot be tamed nor understood. Uranus is always in the future, advancing, evolving and managing matters linked to technology, invention and information.

    What Is A Stellium & What Does It Mean in Your Birth Chart?

    This planet praises individuality and vomits at conventions. All that is eccentric, surprising, rebellious and uncanny dwells here. We can often link electricity to this planet as we can lightning, the sky and chaos. Many of us appreciate Uranus for it is never still nor stuck and is constantly encouraging what it touches to take risks and to take action through spontaneity.