Mooltrikona sign in astrology

Aquarius is the fifth sign counted from Libra and the tenth sign counted from Taurus. Libra being the seventh sign of the Zodiac signifies physical pleasures, lust, business, practical intelligence etc. Therefore, the sign Aquarius signifies the success of the material enjoyments in Libra and ultimately the spiritual attainment as the final consequence of material enjoyments.

Mooltrikona Sign and Prime Determinants

Being the tenth sign counted from Taurus, Aquarius also signifies achievement of the highest material enjoyments. In Hindu Mythology, Rahu is described as cut-off head of the Demon whose thirst for nectar was not satisfied and as the result the Demon moves hither and thither to satisfy his unfulfilled pleasures.

What does Mool trikona sign mean in Vedic astrology

Consequently, the sign Aquarius, the fixed airy sign of Rajas nature wherein the seed for spiritual consciousness is latent due to the rulership of the hermit planet Saturn is the place where Rahu finds the nectar it is searching for. As such, the selection of the sign Aquarius as the Mool Trikona place for Rahu is quite justified. Again, in terms of physics Saturn signifies the violet region of the solar spectrum and Rahu the ultra-violet region.

Therefore, the selection of the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn as the Mool Trikona place for Rahu finds justification from this angle also. Leo, the fixed fiery sign of Rajas nature ruled by the Sun is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. This sign is composed of the whole of the constellations Mogha and Purvaphalguni and one quarter of Uttarphalguni.

The sign being fixed fiery in nature, it has within itself the seed of creation but creation is not done here because for this, mobility or activity of fire is required which is inherent in the cardinal fiery sign Aries. Leo being of Rajas nature tends to express itself in many ways. The fifth house signifies liver, belly, the lower part of heart, fame, talent, offspring, imagination, creative capacity etc.

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They are generally on the move to solve problems one after the other and can acquire top leaderships status or positions in the government, politics or medicine fields. Leo-born people are alert and very fast in assimilating into diversified activities and problems. Virgo-born people are communicative, attractive, charming, prudent, cautious, protective, analytical, dependable, honest, truthful, practical, sincere and detail oriented. Virgos can become accountants, artists, craftsmen, teachers, mathematicians, engineers, traders and writers. They are good at jobs that involve detailed work and analytical problem-solving capabilities.

Libra-rising-sign people are charming, have a strong sense of justice, strong will-power, are spontaneous, adaptable, idealistic, talkative, generally optimistic and highly sensitive. Libras become actors, financial advisors, legal advisors, managers, musicians and physicians. They often times enjoy public professions. Scorpio-born people are very private, mysterious and quiet. They are straight-forward, determined, disciplined, fearless, highly active, fixated on success and generally keep good health.

Scorpio-born people are intuitive, persevering, energetic and dynamic as well. Sagittarian-born people are ambitious, eager to learn and have good judgment.

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They are usually nature lovers, goal-oriented, clever, generous, cheerful, quick-witted and organized. Sagittarius-born people are best suited for training or advisory roles due to their pleasant nature and analytical bent. Sagittarians excel at advisory roles and become businessmen, trainers for jobs, financial advisors, lawyers, legal advisors, teachers, physicians and religious leaders.

Capricorn-born people are ambitious, hardworking and can be selfish when they do not have a spiritual practice to return to on occasion. They are also very flexible, adaptable, level-headed, thrifty, conservative, social, practical, protective, dependable and have good organizing ability. Capricorn rising makes a person a bit of a pleasure seeker and turns them on to more material things in life.

They are creative, quick to learn and grasp new knowledge, as well as being excitable, lively and full of joy and enthusiasm. These people are natural-born thinkers, creative and spiritual. They can be less flexible and more traditional in their approach to life. These people can earn money and acclaim slowly over time and have a greater chance of success in their lives. They are active, industrious, deliberative, courteous and natural-born leaders.

Pisces-born people are romantic, imaginative, compassionate and generous. They are gentle, cheerful, empathetic, caring, devoted to duty, emotional, enthusiastic, idealistic, impressionable, intuitive, mystical, philosophical, sentimental and tolerant, vulnerable, highly sensitive, emotional, and ease loving. Pisceans are restless, and are always on the move.

They are generally devoted to duty, have strong moral value and are good advisors. They are here to learn their final lessons in life and can gain enlightenment in this lifetime. Planets influence other houses or planets aspected by them favorably or unfavorably, depending upon their functional nature in a chart. Debilitation : The planets are considered to be in the state of debilitation and weak if occupying a particular sign, and they fail to fully protect or promote the general significations ruled by them.

Astrological Characteristics

Exaltation : The planets are considered to be in the state of exaltation in particular signs and give good results by promoting their general significations and the houses ruled by them. Natal chart : The natal birth chart, also known as a horoscope, reveals the constellation that was ascending on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

This is based on the time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. It also reveals planets in various signs. Natal positions of planets are fixed and will never move. Retrograde : This is only a visionary phenomenon as it occurs due to different speeds of the planets in relation to the earth. Retrograde planets are to be treated in a normal way as per their longitudes, so far as the natal influences are concerned.

Own Sign, Exaltation, Debilation and Mulatrikona

To fully understand the impact of a transit retrograde planet, it is necessary that one learns predictive techniques and methodology for reading transit influences. The effects on a natal chart need to be studied for each particular person and cannot be easily generalized. Rahu and Ketu : Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. The two points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic are known as Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is called the ascending node of the Moon and Ketu is called the descending node of the Moon in Western astrology.

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The influence of Rahu and Ketu in the natal chart is very significant for the person. Rahu and Ketu are generally unfavorable planets. They bring challenges and make the person vulnerable to anxiety, over-ambitiousness, sudden setbacks, undiagnosed health problems, loss of reputation, losses through cheating, professional setbacks, depression, strains in business relationships, persisting infections and losses through risky or speculative ventures.

They make one vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, problems with litigation, sudden mishaps and challenges in marital relationships. Rahu gives ambition, fame, fortune, charisma and magnetic personality; Ketu gives profound spiritual progress and experiences.